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Smart And Effective Ways To Travel The World For Free

Smart And Effective Ways To Travel The World For Free

Spend a Season Working in a Summer Camp in Different Countries

Working with children can be one of the most rewording ways to spend some time abroad, earn some money and still do some cross-country traveling. So, if you love children and have some experience in certain sports or other useful skills, than the door to endless possibilities is always open. You can earn $1.000-5000 for a few months of fun and still fund your dream vacation. This experience alone can look great on your resumé and if you play it right, you can work in different states or countries to make things more interesting and broaden your horizons.

Signing Up for the Peace Corps

If you happen to be an American citizen with 27 months to spare and have a strong desire to make a difference in this world than joining the Peace Corps can be a life-changing experience. The whole idea behind this program is working with local residents on all kind of different projects in order to promote better understanding between nations and peace. In order to apply you`ll have to be qualified and posses certain skills in education, agriculture, health, environment, business development, technology communications.

Having a bachelor’s degree can go a long way. There is no upper age to be a volunteer, in fact more than 5% are over the age of 50. Participating in the Peace Corps can have its many benefits like paid travel expenses, medical and dental benefits, postponement of student loans, 48 paid vacation days and a allowance of around $7.000. Not a bad deal at all:)

You`ll have to do some research before signing up because 27 months commitment is no joke. Visit different Peace Corps websites, read blogs and personal experience from volunteers, try talking to a member and gather as much information as you can before making a final decision. When your mind’s made up, fill an on-line application and meet an official recruiter.

P.S. You must be prepared to be sent anywhere in the world where needed.
Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime?!

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