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Smart And Effective Ways To Travel The World For Free

Smart And Effective Ways To Travel The World For Free

House Swapping

Thanks to websites like Knok, Love Home Swap and HomeExchange, home swapping has become very popular. Just go to any of these websites, create an account, browse for apartments or homes you like in a country you like and connect with like-minded home swappers. Everyone is welcomed, even rentals. Besides swapping homes you can even swap cars. However it’s important to set some boundaries and keep an open communication the whole time.

When applying prices might vary depending on the website and how many month you`d like to use their service. For example a month membership on HomeExchange cost around $9.95.
Just see the movie “The Holiday” with Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz and you`ll get the picture 🙂

Volunteer Abroad

Devoting your time to a noble cause like taking care of orphan children or helping to improve the environment is a great way to do some good and pay less to see the world. There are hundreds of opportunities and companies to choose from, depending on how long are you willing to stay. Even though being a volunteer means paying for transportation and accommodation, you can still save some money if you can manage to stay with a local in his home. can be a great source for finding free or low cost options. There are other sites offering different opportunities in countries like Thailand, Mexico or Argentina.

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