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Swimming In The Most Dangerous Natural Pool In The World [VIDEO]

Swimming In The Most Dangerous Natural Pool In The World [VIDEO]

The Devil`s Pool at Victoria Falls is on most people bucket list, but few even dare to swim into the most dangerous natural pool in the world. Why? Because all that stands between you and a 108 meters drop is a slippery underwater lip of rock.

Each year during dry season (between August and mid January) at the very edge of Victoria Falls, when Zambezi water levels drop significantly, a natural infinity pool is created by the greatest architect of us all, Mother Nature. Anyone foolish enough to enter when the water levels are high it would be instantly carried away into a terrifying death.

Hundreds of thrill-seekers clamber across rocks and wade through water to reach the “Edge of Madness”. The bravest visitors are first to dive in and let themselves be carried toward the edge of the falls with frightening speed. The rock lip brings them to stop just inches away from the edge where the raging waters of Zambezi crush over the 108meters drop.

I cannot explain the feeling, but it must be a true adrenalin rush that last at least few minutes. The thought alone that you may get pulled over the edge at any given time can get you excited to a point of disorientation. Jumping in will certainly add to the experience but going in gently might be the best way.

P.S. There are trained lifeguards on site to keep you safe, or should we say to keep you from plunging into your death!



Hi M,

Wow! Something I may never do, or if I get over my fear of heights, on some level ;)….I may just do it! How freaking thrilling, and inspiring, to see folks push the limits in this lethal pool.

Keep on inspiring!


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