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Smart And Effective Ways To Travel The World For Free

Smart And Effective Ways To Travel The World For Free

Try Couch-crashing

Sites like or bring together like-minded people willing to step out of their comfort zone and embrace someone from a different environment and culture into their home. There are a lot of people willing to give/receive an extra bed, couch or other place to stay while visiting a new city. Travelers can interact with each other, meet for a cup of coffee or lunch and take it from there. If you can make some sort of arrangement it would be a great way to embrace someone else’s  culture.

When signing up you must be ready to host someone in your home for the next six months, but some sites can be more flexible and allow you to participate with an option to set you property to “Not Right Now (but I can still hang out). These means you can still hang out and show them around.

Become an English Teacher in a Foreign Country

This has been a very popular and proven way to travel the world and make some money in the process. Many people have travel off to China, Japan, South Korea and even Romania. Taking this kind of responsibility means working five day per week  helping students from various age to speak proper English.

It can be exhausting on times but you`ll still have after work, weekends and holidays to do some sightseeing and exploring. With a little bit of saving you can treat yourself with a couple of days in a new location.

But first things first, you`ll have to pay to take an online course and get TEFL and TESOL certifications. After learning everything you need to know and prepare for a classroom  all you have to do is pick a country, say how long you are willing to stay and sign the contract.

Depending where you apply there a lot of options out there with teaching assignments in countries like Spain, Thailand, China, Japan, Chile, South Korea, Vietnam, Japan and Dominican Republic.



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