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Your Trip Didn’t Go As Planned? 10 Easy Steps To Becoming A Good Traveler

Your Trip Didn’t Go As Planned? 10 Easy Steps To Becoming A Good Traveler

GMost of our memorable trips are often due to the kindness of the locals or strangers. To be a good travelers means to get what you give.

Follow up the list with some useful suggestions how to become a good traveler!

1. Always ask the bartenders, waiters, taxi drivers or the other locals to tell you where you should go or what to order. Don’t act like you know everything.

2. Always ask your friends to give you suggestions what to see or what to do. Their experience can be quite helpful and useful for your perfect trip.

3. Don’t forget to leave a tip to the hotel maids who care for your clean sheets. They’ll really appreciate it.

4. Be British and make jokes of yourself or your home town. Everybody will love you.

5. If you want to watch a sports match always try to do it in your hotel room. Nobody wants to be disturbed by yelling and cheerleading, especially if they don’t like your team or sport in general.

6. Keep away from the interstates. The city’s beauties lie miles from the fast roads.

7. Start conversation with people on your left or right! That’s how your experience will be more authentic.

8. Save the magic of writing postcards and not e-mails. Choose great postcards and send them to your family or friends home.

9. This is how you can save on your next trips. Accept invitations for going out for dinner, or if someone invites you at their house. Never ever show up at a host’s place empty handed but before that don’t forget  to make sure that you are safe.

10. Leave your hotel room in a good shape! And remember you went on this trip for the experience, not just to see stuff.


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