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Love To Shop? 10 Most Spectacular Eye-Catching Department Stores In The World

Love To Shop? 10 Most Spectacular Eye-Catching Department Stores In The World

Travel nuts mainly spend a lot to explore architecture, enjoy a spa treatment or to taste local food. Only the holders of platinum credit cards can afford themselves going shopping in department stores on their travels. However, one must admit that the department stores are like landmarks in the big cities.

Buy something small at the foodhall at Harods, enjoy the rooftop view at Selfridges or afford yourself at least a cup of tea at Liberty.
Each department store is spectacular in its own way and has something to be distinguished by.

These are only a few of the world’s most famous department stores. They challenge millions of travelers to enjoy window-shopping, straining their necks to see everything around.

These beauties inspire a sense of wonderment and allow travelers to fully admire them.

1. Tokyo’s Isetan department store attracts mostly fastidious food lovers and challenges them with the most expensive delicacies in the world.

2. London’s Liberty attracts mostly artistic shoppers with its infrastructure and unique Tudoresque façade covered with timber from the ships.

3. The terrace on the rooftop at Galeries Lafayette enchants with its jaw-dropping view of Paris.

4. Harrods attracts over 15 million visitors a year and although built in 1849 it still shines with its charm.

5. Bergdorf Goodman is the most iconic shopping spot stretching on the 5th Avenue and the 58th Street in New York.

6. Busan’s Shinsegae in South Korea is the world’s largest department store, covering incredible 3,163,567 square-feet.

7. One of the most prestigious department stores in London is Fortnum & Mason rich in history, being written about by Charles Dickens.

8. Shoe addicts will certainly enjoy Saks Fifth Avenue -t he world’s largest New York’s department store.

9. Check Illum in Copenhagen –  the most gorgeously designed  department store, featuring a large atrium that fills the space with light, escalators covered in wood, allowing visitors to experience the Scandinavian vibe.

10. KaDaWe or Kaufhaus des Westens is the king of the department stores and the largest one in continental Europe.


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