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Here Is How To Solve 7 Of The Most Irritating Air Travel Problems

Here Is How To Solve 7 Of The Most Irritating Air Travel Problems

1. If your flight is delayed

You have booked all your flights through one airline and your flight has just been delayed. Don’t panic! The airline will probably accommodate you until your next flight.

2. You have to return home from your trip due to a family emergency

The travel insurance will cover some of the expenses-of course if you have one. If such situation arises, call the airline and explain your situation- who knows they might accommodate the changes.

3. You lost your bags

Don’t worry, in most cases everybody gets their missing luggage! Report your missing luggage at the customer service counter and ask them to give you a receipt and to tell you how they will return your bags. Some airline companies pay for new clothes if your luggage is missing for several days.

4. You don’t have your ID on you

Always have a photo of your ID in your cell phone, some airlines might let you pass. Before leaving for the airport always double check that you have your ID on you.

5. If you’re bumped from a flight

If this happens to you for some reason, never accept voucher but only good cash.

6. If you are traveling with young kids, but you can’t get seats together

Be polite and kind and first ask the ticket counter to help you! If they can’t, ask the flight attendant to help you shift your seats with somebody.

7. If your flight is canceled because of the bad weather

Keep calling – lots of changes might happen in the meantime – unavailable seat becomes available and so. Anyway, if you need to reach your destination immediately then consider finding another airport or other means of transport-a train, bus, rent a car, cab…


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