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Plan On Traveling? Here Are 5 Tips How To Take Care Of Your Body On The Road

Plan On Traveling? Here Are 5 Tips How To Take Care Of Your Body On The Road

Traveling is a time when many people tend to abandon their daily healthy habits, just when they need them the most.

With summer on its way we thought its a good idea to show you some pointers of how to take a better care of your body while traveling.

1. Yoga stretches (or any stretches for that matter)

You don`t need your special yoga mat or anything else to do these stretches because many of them can be dome standing or simply sitting down wherever you`re comfortable.

Some of the most popular yoga poses that you can do are: seated twist, overhead stretch, legs up the wall, forward bend and child’s and tree pose.

2. Simple walking

Walking is something that we do a lot more especially when we visit a new place like a city. It`s the most recommended way to experience a new surrounding and learn your way around it.

Short 30 minutes walks are the best way to boost your energy especially after long flights or a car ride. If you can time them after meals that would be even better.

3. Listen to your body

Many of us don`t realize what our body needs until it’s too late. This happens when we rush from one place or activity to the next one, trying to get the most of our trip.

Take short brakes after each activity like visiting some attraction or after few hours spent on a beach. Listen to your body and see does it need anything before jumping into the next adventure.

4. Food that nourishes

Maybe you are a kind of person that likes to bring your favorite food staples wherever you go, but it really isn`t that necessary. Don`t change much of what your body prefers when you are at home.

Always pack healthy snacks like fresh fruit and carry a bottle of water. Don’t fall into the temptation of salty chips or unhealthy beverages.

5. Get plenty of rest

Jets legs, changing time zones and late or very early travels can get you off balance. Sleep is the only option to completely restore your normal body functions.

6-8 full hours of sleep at night, maybe a 30 minutes nap between activities can refresh and recharge your body. If everything else fails just lay down and close your eyes for a while.

These simple and easy to do 5 steps can help your take care of your body and make sure you are ready for the experience that lies ahead.

What do you do on the road for self-care?


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