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Do You Know What`s The Safest Seat On A Plane?

Do You Know What`s The Safest Seat On A Plane?

Those afraid to fly should bear in mind that traveling by plane is a hundred times safer than traveling by car.

Nowadays, thanks to the advanced technology, flying has become safer than ever. Statistics says that the probability of your plane crashing down is around 1 in 5.4 million. However, some people want to know what`s the safest seat on a plane to improve their chances of surviving a crash. According to the analyzes by TIME, people sitting in the middle seats  in  the back of the plane have the highest chances of surviving a plane crash.

In order to determine the safest seats on a plane, TIME analyzed accidents according to the Federal Aviation Administration’s CSRTG Aircraft Accident Database and came to conclusion that the seats in the last  third of the plane have 32%fatality rate compared to 39% in the middle third and 38% in the front third. The walkway seats in the middle third of the cabin are with 44% fatality rate and the seats in the middle part in the rear of the plane had the lowest rate of fatality-28%.

The University in Greenwich did a study which shows that the two rows of seats near the emergency exits are also safe spots because those sitting there might go out of the plane more quickly.

On the other hand, FAA says there is no safe seat on a airplane except for the approved child seat. According to FAA, it’s difficult to tell which are the safest seats because it depends on the circumstances of the accident. FAA, says we can’t generalize that the middle seats in the back third of the plane are the safest.  To determine which seats are the safest depends on the part of the plane impacted by the accident.

TIME also says, that survival was often entirely random, scattered without any order around the plane.
Therefore, whenever you have to travel by plane, have in mind the fact that  planes are safer than cars, pick the seats you find comfortable and enjoy your flight.


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