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Top 3 Hammam Salons In Kiev, Ukraine

Top 3 Hammam Salons In Kiev, Ukraine

Many nationalities have their specific ways of body cleaning. Finnish sauna and Russian banya are the most popular spa procedures in Ukraine. However, hammam (also known as Turkish bath) has already taken its niche providing astonishing spa treatment. Its major distinction from sauna or banya lies in focus on effect of water rather than steam.

So, the spa salons in Kiev attract customers for various modifications of traditional hammam accompanied with a range of optional spa services. For example, you may try Moroccan hammam. The procedure includes body peeling using black soap, which made of olive pits, and herbal oils. A special enjoyment is given by a massage after the hammam.

For your attention, the best hammam salons in Kiev are introduced.

Rakuena SPA

If you need a traditional Turkish hammam, you should definitely visit Rakuena SPA in Kiev. Moreover, this salon offers other hammam variations such as Moroccan, barbarian, and marma. If you want something more than a simple hammam, you are offered with a spa complex, which consists of hammam treatment, aromatherapy, massage, and self-tanning procedure. Rakuena spa salon is located at Ivana Kudri Street, 20, and stands out with its unique interior design. You will like the range of spa services offered by Rakuena SPA and will get the full pleasure of hammam.

ThaiDay Deluxe Spa

The name of this salon hints at some Thai-related spa procedures. It is so, but the services provided in the ThaiDay Deluxe Spa salon are not limited to the Thai spa treatment only. It is the place, where you can experience the effects of classic Moroccan hammam. Just imagine that your body is plunged in the warm water and peeled with Kessa glove. You may also book a massage to reach the highest peak of enjoyment. This salon is situated in downtown of Kiev at the address Lyuteranska Street, 10A. If you really want to feel the effects of hammam, it is advised to visit this spa establishment and to get relaxed.

Health Club and Spa Hilton

This spa salon is called the Health Club and Spa Hilton and is situated in the very heart of Kiev. It is a perfect place to enjoy the charming effects of beauty and health effects of spa procedures. The excellent service along with the innovative technologies provide a peaceful atmosphere of relaxation in the Spa Hilton. The spa treatments of salon are offered for the city residents and guests residing in the Hilton hotel. Here you can not only enjoy the classic hammam, but also feel difference between sauna and Turkish bath. Visit Hilton Health Club and Spa at Tarasa Shevchenka Boulevard, 30.

There are also other interesting places in Kiev, where you can try hammam procedures. We can say only that such spa treatment will definitely bring pleasure to your body and soul, since it has the cleaning effect for the skin and your thoughts. Welcome to the Kiev spa salons.


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