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7 Useful Advises For Pregnant Travelers

7 Useful Advises For Pregnant Travelers

If you are pregnant it doesn’t mean that you can’t travel. Here are some useful tips of how to make your travels much safer and easier.

1. Choose the right timing for traveling

The best time to travel is between the 20thand 30th week of your pregnancy. The discomfort, the fatigue and nausea you had in the first trimester are past now. Before leaving, always consult your gynecologist and if you decide to fly always determine your airline’s pregnant flier policy. Have in mind that you have to show the airline your doctor`s note so they can see whether you are scheduled to deliver in within 30 days (these restrictions vary from carrier to carrier).

2. What kind of destination to choose

Domestic destinations are the best for pregnant women. This is how you’ll avoid taking long trips and worrying about unsafe drinking water, contaminated food and foreign medical care. Choose a destination with the right altitude because pregnant women are not recommended to sleep in places that are 12,000feet above sea level.

3. Take with you a copy of your pregnant records

When booking a place to stay, make sure that there is a hospital or some medical center in the vicinity. The copy of your prenatal records and health notes might be quite helpful to the new doctor, of course, if the need arises. Always have a health insurance because medical expenses abroad can be pretty high. Purchase a travel insurance policy -it can cover a large amount of medical expenses abroad.

4. How to travel

The best way to travel while pregnant is by car. This is how you can make as many stops as you need to stretch go to the restroom and you’ll have more instant access medical care in case of an emergency. Remember to limit your journey to maximum of 6 hours per day.

5. Ask for a pat-down

If you decide to travel by plane, avoid passing through the new security scanners that spin around you and ask for pat-down if possible. Don’t lift your suitcase from the conveyor belt yourself but ask someone to help you.

6. Always have some healthy snacks in your bag and don’t forget to bring a bottle of water

It’s very important for pregnant travelers to stay hydrated. Pregnant women should always drink around 10 glasses of water per day so the amniotic fluid can be renewed while the body gets ready for breast milk production. There is no need to mention many other health benefits that come from staying well hydrated.

7. Always stretch out

Whether you are traveling by a car, plane or boat find a way to stretch. It’s good for the blood circulation in your body and it’s good for the baby in your belly too.


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