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10 Time And Money Saving Tips For Your Next Trip To Europe

10 Time And Money Saving Tips For Your Next Trip To Europe

Words like Europe and Cheap don`t go well in the same sentence, but this year things are different.  There are many new flights to Europe with competitively prices especially from the States with the EU-US Open Skies air-transport agreement. On the other hand companies inside Europe like RyanAir and EasyJet, offer more reasonable prices and discounts.

Also there are some new tricks when it comes to accommodation with budget-conscious peak-season European lodgings.

From now on there should be no excuses to travel and your only dilemma should be where to go first!

1. New Plane Routes

Before booking your flight consider the fact that today the number of airline companies is bigger and the competitiveness among them lowers the prices of the flights and increases the number of the routes. So, why not trying a new route?

2. Low-Cost Airlines

To make their customers happy, the European carriers are expanding their networks offering quite affordable flights.

3. New Affordable Airlines

Lufthansa Italia launched nonstop connections between Milan Malpensa and eight European destinations, including Barcelona and Madrid, making travel between Italy and the neighboring countries more accessible.

4. Cheap (and Fast) Train

Don’t hesitate to go to your next travel by train. It’s cheaper, time-saving and adventurous. There is an excellent rail network offering great routes such as Renfe ( route- a Madrid-to-Barcelona, departing 17 to 26 times a day and cutting travel time from six hours to two and a half. Italy’s Trenitalia ( recently started service between Milan and Naples, shortening the journey from eight and a half hours to four.

5. Rent a Car by the Hour and Make Sure it Runs on Diesel

One of the options to see the countryside or to travel between the neighboring cities is to rent a car. For $45 per hour including insurance and taxes, Hertz introduced  a program that allows travelers in Spain, the U.K, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland and  the Netherlands  to choose from a fleet of Mini Coopers and Ford Fiestas  in three, six, and nine-hour increments.

To avoid high fuel prices rent a diesel car, such as Volkswagen Golf or Opel Astra. Though gas rates have dropped twofold in the United States, in Europe they remain as steep as $6.40 per gallon.

6. Affordable Boutique Hotels

When planning your accommodation check out Hotel Indigo, InterContinental Hotel Group’s boutique brand, with hotels in North America and London.

7. Weekend Rates at Business Hotels

Have in mind that many of the properties reduce their rates for the weekends in order to attract more travelers.

8. Low-Cost Villas

For the budget conscious, consider staying at villas as they offer great packages especially if you are traveling with a group.

9. All-Inclusive Trains

All-inclusive trains filled with restored wood paneling and original furniture offer cheaper, unique and adventurous travel experience.

10. Business-Class Sales

Try to find business class sales. The competitiveness among companies provides extra cheap round trip tickets.


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