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Meet Galway, The Friendliest City In The World

Meet Galway, The Friendliest City In The World

When planning your trip for the holidays, you probably want to be surrounded by friendly and welcoming hosts. What refers to hospitality, Galway was chosen by travelers to be one of the friendliest cities in Ireland.

Galway, the city of great heritage and history, music and mirth is considered to be the world’s friendliest city. This quite small and pretty lively city with its population of 75,000 is situated only three hours from the hustle and bustle of Dublin and warmly welcomes everybody. It is also famous as the most “Irish city”.

It houses the National University of Ireland so it is always crowded with students besides the numerous tourists who are eager to enjoy the scenic driving route named Wild Atlantic Way, stretching across 1,500 miles of the Western Coast of Ireland.

Here you can see many visitors wandering through the brick-lined streets while listening to the amazing music played by accordionists, fiddlers, guitar and banjo players.

The city is also famous for its numerous festivals such as the Galway Arts Festival, the International Oyster & Seafood Festival, Galway Races and the country’s leading festival- Film Fleadh. In other words, this unofficial Irish capital of the west offers something for a quite large variety of interests.

Nevertheless, what distinguishes Galway from the other Irish cities is the warm and welcoming nature of the people who live here. Apart from their hospitality, these people are also known for their humor.

So, add Galway to your travel bucket list and enjoy!


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