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Low On Cash!? Here Are 5 Destinations Under $29 USD Per Day

Low On Cash!? Here Are 5 Destinations Under $29 USD Per Day

Considering the current economy there are many people concerned about their financial future and traveling is often out of the equation. None the less we all want to take a well deserved break and spend some time away from our worries. In times like these we must remember that travel is not a luxury and that there are plenty of beautiful travel destination that won`t break our bank. If you are low on cash but travel is on your mind, here are our favorite destination for less than $29 per day travel budget.


Even though Thailand has become a hugely popular and desired tourist destination, the country has managed to remained relatively affordable. If you avoid the most crowded and popular tourist island it`s easy to live on less than $29 USD per day. For example: Budget rooms cost around $6-10 per night, you can eat and drink for $5-8 and other activities like sightseeing will cost you around $10 USD.

All you have to do is stay in guesthouses, buy your meals from delicious local restaurants and use the local transportation. Thailand is a country where drinks coast more than food so remember to take it light and you`ll do just fine.


If you thought that Thailand is cheap than you`ll be surprised to find out that there are even cheaper and equally beautiful places. Bali is a great destination for those looking to spend less and experience new cultures . Once you get there (sometimes flights can be long and expensive) the island is relatively cheap.

Hotel rooms can cost less than $10 per night, most local meals cost $2 and “western” dishes are around $4 USD.  Some activities like snorkeling are also cheap and tend to cost less than $10 USD. Remember, as you leave the southern part and go deeper into the island everything gets more cheaper.

Central America

If you exclude Panama, Costa Rica and Belize, Central America can be a pretty cheap place to get around. An average day of travel  can cost less than $30 USD. In countries like Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua you can find the most affordable budget hotels with price tags around $10 USD per night, local meals for less than $3 USD and beer for $1 USD. Getting around is also very cheap because most bus journeys are around $3-5 USD. To sum up, if you  want to live large in Central America $30 USD per day are more than enough.


Budapest is one of mine all time favorite Europe destination. This beautiful and historic city will welcome you with hostels that start at $8 USD per night and meals for around $2 USD. The local transport is also very affordable, trains and buses cost just a couple of dollars.  All you need is $25-30 USD per day to fully enjoy the sights and sounds of one of Europe’s hidden gems. Definitely a great alternative to expensive cities like Paris, Rome or Vienna.


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