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The Secrets of Cheap Travel, Backpacking Style

The Secrets of Cheap Travel, Backpacking Style

To me backpacking is more than a gap year before going to college or just a cheap way to travel. Backpacking is all about adventure and independence.  It`s a great way to see the wonders of our planet and meet real people in real everyday life. Here are the secrets of cheap travel along with few travel tips that can help you plan your next adventure.

Consider a Hostel With a Kitchen
Booking a hostel can be a great money saver in the long run, especially if there is a kitchen available. Hostels have gained a lot of popularity over the years and they are not just for young people. Older travelers are increasingly booking hostels since many of them are starting to offer private rooms and bathrooms.

Pack Light
To travel like a backpacker you need to travel light since you`ll be doing a lot of walking. This will also save you some money on extra baggage fees. Another good idea is to carry multi functional items like pants that turn into shorts or a shampoo-conditioner all in one. You get the idea.

Leave Your Valuables at Home and Always Let Someone Know Before Leaving
No need to bring your favorite piece of jewelry, only things that you can easily replace. Backpacking is sticking to the basic. It`s good idea to let know the people you love about your plans and places you intend to visit. Keeping in touch can be a good thing to.

Consider buying a train pass and walk if possible instead taking a cab
Trains are a great way to get around especially if you travel in Europe or Asia. Pre-purchasing a train pass  is a money saver and trains are excellent for socializing. Walking is also a great way to get around and it`s good for your body. If walking is not an option try using metro or bus.

Shop in Grocery Stores for Food and Alcohol
Many restaurants, especially in big cities in Europe can be really expensive. On the other hand grocery stores are great for fresh food and authentic yet affordable meal.  Bars can often overcharge tourist for drinks. The idea is to buy less in bars after drinking some in your hostel room.

Be flexible and change your route if needed
Stay open for recommendations and tips from locals or other fellow travelers. Seek for cheaper places to stay near your desired location and seek additional transport options in the surrounding area.

Backpacking is all about stepping into the unknown, so be prepared to go where the day takes you.


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