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23 Travel Tips For A Good Time Guarantee

23 Travel Tips For A Good Time Guarantee
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If you are all packed and ready to go here a couple of things you should remember before hitting the road. It doesn’t take much for your long awaited vacation to turn into disaster! Here are some excellent travel tips every good traveler should know.

1. Don`t keep all of your money and credit cards in the same place. If you a traveling with someone the best thing to do is to divide them. And it always a good idea to keep an emergency stash of money somewhere safe.

2. Roll your clothes when packing if you want to carry more of them.

3. Get travel insurance.

4. When you check in a hotel they will usually block a certain amount of money against your card. Make sure you find out how much it is and pay with the same card when you check out.

5. If you believe that the hotel security is low hang the “Do Not Disturb” tag on the door when you leave the room.

6. Always carry a hard copy map of the city you’re going to. Old school is sometimes the best

7. Having a GPS is a must if you travel by car but don`t follow it blindly.

8. Always check your bags before and after entering in any kind of transportation.

9. Use public transport in big cities. It`s probably the cheapest and most efficient way to get around.

10. Good walking shoes are also a must. You should always feel comfortable in your shoes.

11. Ask the locals for some tips, recommendations and advices. They always now where the good stuff is.

12. If your country has an embassy in the state or city you are visiting make sure you know where it is.

13. Learn the basic geography of the country you are traveling. It`s always a good thing to know your surroundings

14. It`s probably a good idea to learn some words and phrases in the local language.

15. Get your vaccinations if you need them. Maybe some of them are required for the country you are visiting.

16. Also know the local road rules and laws. You`ll find that some countries have different and unusual rules.

17. Carry zip-lock plastic bags and baby wipes they are a gift from the travel gods.

18. Learn the art of haggling (bargaining). You will be amassed of the money you save.

19. Take a good camera with you and learn how to take a dissent photograph. Some day you`ll need them to bring back some good memories.

20 .Be aware of local scams and rip-offs. If a bargain is too good to be true… then it’s too good to be true.

21.Learn basic first aid.

22. Always be respectful


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Great tips – I write about many of these on my travel blog as well – always worth repeating & always better to be “safe than sorry”!

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