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Low on Cash? Here Are 6 Quite Affordable Exotic Destinations In The World

Low on Cash? Here Are 6 Quite Affordable Exotic Destinations In The World

Does your travel always have to be expensive? Well, we beg to differ because where there’s a will there’s always a way.

Let us help you discover just few of inexpensive exotic destinations that are truly worth visiting.

1. Egypt

Although a home to some of the best-known attractions in the world, Egypt still tries hard to fill its numerous hotels and cheap locals. When here, it’s quite easy to find a bargain meal or taxi or a guide – actually it’s all about bargaining here.

2. Indonesia

Indonesia is a very interesting and attractive travel destination with its rich and diverse culture, cuisine and the numerous volcanic islands offering a great pleasure. The hotel prices are quite affordable – $5 a night and there are plenty of activities offered such as diving, snorkeling, swimming…

Bali stands out as the most developed island and Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi are also perfect destinations if you want to pamper yourselves.

3. Mexico

Visit the historic colonial cities and beach areas in Mexico. It’s really affordable if we consider the fact that the peso is at around 13 to the dollar. Travelers can bargain to get good prices for tours and hotels.

4. Honduras

Sitting next to the world’s second – longest coral reef, this magnificent Caribbean island offers excellent and affordable hotels no matter the season, great scuba diving packages and awesome locations to explore.

5. Guatemala

It is truly an exotic destination where you’ll see the descendants of the Mayans dressed in traditional clothes in the villages surrounding the stunning Lake Atitlán.

If you decide to visit Guatemala, you’ll be able to see the Spanish colonial buildings in the city of Antigua, the sprawling archeological park of Tikal  and the jungle.  There is also a large number of outdoor activities to choose from for really reasonable prices.

6. Peru

There are so many things to do and see in Peru – from sightseeing of the Sacred valley and the scattered Inca ruins to hiking in the Andes and seeing the astonishing architecture of Arequipa to boat trips through Amazon and across the highest lake in the world … The entrance tickets to the museums are really cheap, as are the hotels and the food.


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