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10 Rookie Mistakes That Can Totally Ruin Your Trip

10 Rookie Mistakes That Can Totally Ruin Your Trip

There is nothing worst than your long awaited vacation or trip turning into a big mess. These tips will help you to avoid the most common travel mistakes so you can make the most of every minute!

1. Book enough time between flights

When booking, try to calculate the time between two flights and leave at least an hour and a half you will have enough time to pick up your luggage and  find the gate for your next flight, especially if you are at a large airport.

2. Double check your passport

Before making your plan for your next trip make sure that your passport hasn’t expired. You should have in mind that in some countries you can’t pass if your passport expires in 6 months. If it is so, you can pay $60 to cut out the processing time to two or three weeks and if your trip is in less than two weeks, you can call your local passport agency and make an appointment.

3. The location of your hotel is very important

If you are visiting a city, make sure that you book a hotel in the center of the city. This is how you will save on transportation and time.

4. Plan a longer stay if you want to make the most out of your visit

Major cities like Paris, Rome and London offer a lot to see so when there try to stay at least three days if you want to capture as much as possible.

5.    Figure out what you really want

Before going somewhere, just stop and think what you really want to do and see on your trip. You can benefit from the others tips but that doesn’t have to mean that they have the same taste as you. At last, this is your trip and your experience.

6.    Never stick to the beaten path

For more authentic experience sneak away from the famous streets and popular squares and get lost. Or even better, find a friend of a friend of a friend… who is a local and can show you around.

7. Don’t choose your hotel by photos

When choosing a hotel, don’t fully rely on the photos you see online! They can be faked out so you’d better call or send the hotel an email to further ask what to expect.

8. Read  the whole listing when you’re looking for an apartment or house rental

If you decide to stay at someone’s home instead of a hotel,  always read their listings- this is how the host feels more comfortable with you and happy to offer you the accommodation you wanted.

9. When choosing an airport see how far it is from your hotel

When choosing airports, always think of the transportation you’ll need to get to your hotel. Sometimes, smaller and cheaper airports may result in extra expensive transport to your hotel.

10. Going to a timeshare sales pitch when you’re not in the market to buy

Last but not the least, if you have no interest in buying a vacation share or timeshare pitches just skip them.


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