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“Wake Up!” And Travel While You Still Can

“Wake Up!” And Travel While You Still Can

Have you ever asked yourself: Should I go to college, get a job, pursuit a career, start a family… or should I travel the world? Your first instinct would be to see the world! After few minutes, doubt sets in and we often answer “Yes, but… what about finances, what about my family, what will happen to my job, what would my boyfriend/girlfriend say…?”
When we start our sentence with “Yes, but…” it means that we have the best intentions but we are still afraid to do what our hart tells us. There are many people who wanted to travel the world, but never did. We should be very careful, the words like “Yes, but…” can destroy our dreams.

When we get old and look back we realize that life is just a story to tell. It`s really important not to get lost in little things that don`t matter and turn our attention to big things that do. We must take control and live the way we want to live. We have to grow, learn, expand our horizons… and traveling is the key.

Here are 3 important reasons why should you travel while you still can.

1.  Traveling gives us courage, strength and adventures spirit
As I mentioned earlier life is a story full of memories. So, what would you rather remember:
The train tour across Europe or your fear of the unknown?
The view from the Eiffel Tower or the view from your office building?
Bungee jumping from a tower in Dubai or your fear of taking risk?
We have to create time to explore the world and get a better taste of life. It`s worth all the effort, time and money.

2. Traveling can help us face reality and get a better understating for others and ourselves
In life we make choices that makes us who we are. Thru travel we can understand that the world is big and small in the same time. We will find respect and compassion for all the pain and suffering that people face each day. We will learn to care.

3. Travel is the ultimate teacher of other cultures
What we see and learn from books, TV, or internet, cannot be compared with firsthand experience. We have to see and feel for ourselves. We can`t allow to be stuck in the everyday routine and we must find a way to escape from our comfort zone.

The world is a beautiful place so get off your ass and go see it!


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