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Cafe del Mar Stunning Sunset (VIDEO)

Cafe del Mar Stunning Sunset (VIDEO)

Cafe Del Mar is a well known and treasured tourist spot in Ibiza. The bar opened its doors in 1980, starting the first summer of chill-out music, sunset and fun. The idea for the unique and captivating look of the bar, came from a Catalan architect named Lluis Géell who took his inspiration from a yacht and incorporated its features into the café.

The Island itself has a unique location that provides an everyday spectacle of color and striking luminosity at the fall of the day.

Café del Mar is the place to be if you want to witness the most beautiful view of the sun setting over the Mediterranean Sea. For that purpose alone every day a lot of people gather just to admire the stunning sunset with cocktails in their hands and a dose of ambient music in the back, provided by the DJ in the bar.

One of the foundation stones of Café del Mar is the Chill-out music. It managed to become a huge hit around the world for its compilation albums which are released annually since 1994, pioneering the chill-out genre at the time of the first release.

They say “Café del Mar” was born to put music to the sunset. The idea of the original sunset bar is a simple one, a perfect combination of nature`s landscape, beautiful warm weather and chilled music. Ingredients that make every sunset special.

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Watch Cafe del Mar`s beautiful sunset and listen to some great chill-out music…


it is really magical, I was there last summer 🙂 …

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