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The Mysterious Egypt – An Ancient World of Wonders

The Mysterious Egypt – An Ancient World of Wonders

No other place on earth possesses the magic and mystery as Egypt does. The calm Red sea with its cool turquoise waters will make you younger… A cruise on the river Neil can stir all your senses… Travel to the Mysterious Egypt and you`ll discover a world of wonders…

The sandy Naam gulf is one of the best places where everything happens. It`s right in the middle of Sharm El Sheikh and it’s a perfect spot for getting around. The first hotel in this gorgeous bay is called Helnan Marina Sharm and it has been built before 1980. The coral reefs with its variety of fish species in this region are still considered as water paradise for divers. This part of Sharm EL Sheikh is the home of dozen diving centers as well as luxurious resorts, hotels, spas and restaurants. This is the place where you can enjoy on different types of beaches or take part in various water activities. If you want to be more active and have some fun there are various activities you can do.  You can take a boat ride, go paddling on a kayak, para-sailing and wind surfing.

Close to the capital, is the Giza Plato, a place where you can find the mysterious pyramids – landmarks of ancient Egypt. The biggest one of all is the Khufu pyramid. This astonishing structure is a must see! Just standing in its presence will make you fell humble and small. That’s why this massive design is declared as one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Right by its side are two smaller pyramids Khafra and Menkaura.  Just a few steps east, you can see three smaller piles of stones  – The Queens pyramid, thumbs of Khufhu`s wives and sisters.

Located close nearby are the Big Sphinx and the Solar boat museum.

Another popular tourist destination is The Zaman castle. Gracefully set on a top of a desert rock between the cities Taba and Nuweiba as the only attraction of the Sinai site. In this relative newly build fort in medieval style, you can surrender to a comfortable but Eco friendly atmosphere with various attractions varying from swimming and diving, dining in luxurious restaurants and enjoying in relaxing massages. Within the castle you will have access to a private beach with crystal clear waters, the only virgin beach in the Taba-Nuweiba archipelago. Some of the best corals on this beach are very close to the coast lines.

Egypt stimulates the imagination like no other country and that’s why it is one of the most popular tourist destinations world-wide. Just don’t wonder of in the desert 🙂

Until than enjoy in some of Egypt`s famous landmarks….


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