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Mykonos – A Dreamy Island, a Healing Vacation And A Remarkable Resort

Mykonos – A Dreamy Island, a Healing Vacation And A Remarkable Resort

This last year has been so complicated on every possible level that when the option of travel presented itself, I knew that I had to seize the opportunity and make a run for it.

My family, all exhausted and emotionally drained left the decisions completely up to me including location, activities and choice of accommodation. Quite a daunting task for someone who hadn’t had contact with society at large for such a long time.

After much thought I made an executive decision that we will be flying to Greece. May seemed to be the perfect time to experience these magical islands before they get too busy and too hot. Now I just had to zero in on an island and the all-important hotel which in my mind really does make or break a holiday.

I had always had a hankering to travel to Mykonos, Santorini and Corfu but realized that logistically I have to choose just one for this trip. I would like to say that my choice was based on some deep routed sense of fate and romance but in this case, when it came down to it, Mykonos was the only island of the three which had good flights on the day we were looking at and that’s how we ding ding ding got our winner.

Now for the hotel. Usually I have a four-part procedure in order to zero in on the perfect candidate – I find the location I want, look at pictures, read reviews and then weigh the pros and cons of my favorite candidates. I am not sure if it was the long self-isolation, the fear of making the wrong choice or the sheer fact that all I wanted was a holiday and not another chore which made me throw my point system out the window when I saw pictures of what was to become our hotel. The hotel was newly opened so the whole review part of the plan was non-existent and there was no way to draw up a comparison list. Still, something drew me to book this hotel.

Mykonos here we come! First vacation in nearly two years, one family who urgently needed a pick me up and a mythological island just waiting to embrace us.

If this trip taught me anything, it’s that my usual planning routine is absolutely ridiculous! I did the unspeakable and kind of left it up to the universe AND it payed off big time. The island was drop dead stunning, the city of Chora, the windmills, the beaches and the lighthouse were gorgeous, historic and managed to enthrall my teenage girls. The hotel however was the grand winner in this equation. It was an experience never ever to be forgotten. The staff at the Amazon Mykonos Resort & Spa greeted us with warmth and genuine hospitality which immediately made us feel welcome and at home.

The resort itself is magical – around every corner you encounter incredible views of the Aegean Sea, irresistibly blue amid a backdrop of mountains and dotted white charming villas. We were ooing and owing so loudly we made the other guests giggle. The food, the staff, Vasili the hotel Manager, the rooms, the atmosphere and the architecture which intelligently allowed full vantage of the raw beauty of the natural landscape made our visit as special as they get. I am so appreciative that we got this opportunity to visit such a gem of an island and that we got to celebrate the great and positive things in life in such a loving and caring environment.


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