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Five Stunning Sites To See On New Zealand’s North Island

Five Stunning Sites To See On New Zealand’s North Island

New Zealand is beautiful country that is blessed with breathtaking landscapes that are spread out between both the South and North Island. There are some 600 other smaller islands that are part of the country, and each year millions of tourists visit them all to lap up their serenity. If you’re interested in visiting this country to experience a memorable vacation, then you should hire the services of New Zealand guided tours. Here’s are list of the five most beautiful locations on New Zealand’s North Island that are sure to take your breath away.

1. Coromandel Peninsula

Located on the Eastern Coast, this peninsula is a haven for nature lovers. This is an area where you’ll spend hours exploring the location and taking gorgeous photos. You’ll have access to suitable camping grounds, and for those who aren’t comfortable in the great outdoors, there are plenty of hotels to choose from. Want to get up close and personal with the culture? Well stretch your traveler’s muscles and visit the small towns in the area to get a glimpse of the local lifestyle, and don’t forget to sink your teeth into the local food and drink, including the many wineries in the area.

2. Wellington

This may not be considered a big city in New Zealand, but it’s certainly a treat for the eyes, particularly for tourists who love nature. Spend your time visiting the Weta studios, known for adding effects to popular Hollywood movies, and Te Papa. After these visits you may consider visiting the Wildlife Sanctuary to feast your eyes on some rare species of lizards and birds.

3. Bay Of The Islands

Located three hours from Auckland City, the Bay of the Islands is made up of 140 islands and is a breathtaking sight to behold even from the mainland. Set aside a day and visit the beautiful town of Paihia, or spend some time on a cruise to watch the dolphins or whales water dance around you. The area also includes historic locations like Waitangi, where a treaty between British settlers and the Maori clan was signed. Also take a visit to Russell, the country’s first capital city, to learn more about New Zealand.

4. Rotorua

This tourist destination has many volcanic craters and geysers to check out. Visit Te Puia to experience geysers that erupt very frequently. This is another place to learn about the Maori culture and is also another great location for camping enthusiasts.

5. Tongariro National Park

This park covers an area of 80,000 hectares and is one of the first parks in New Zealand. It’s been certified as a heritage site by UNESCO. The beauty of this national park is well-known for being absolutely breathtaking.

These are some of the best tourist destinations in New Zealand that you can visit by hiring the services of a reliable New Zealand guided tours. You must remember that these are popular tourist spots and so you must make early bookings to avoid disappointments.


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