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Winging Your First Melbourne To Sydney Campervan Travel

Winging Your First Melbourne To Sydney Campervan Travel

You heard right, some of the best campervan trips in Australia begin in and around Melbourne. The most popular choice for instance is the Melbourne to Sydney road trip. If you love beaches, mountains, the fantastic Australian wildlife, awesome national parks, and more then you’re in the right direction.

There are two main options when looking to travel from Melbourne to Sydney.

Hume Highway. This road is the easiest way to get between the two cities. The road stretches around 800 kilometres and you’ll ride from eight to nine hours overall. It’s the fastest way when travelling between the two cities, plus it’s the best if you’re looking to get from one point to the next on a quick trip. This route will take you inland through the beautiful Australian countryside, plus there are some great towns to visit along the way.

Canberra. This capital city of Canberra is a small territory that lies between Melbourne and Sydney. It is a great city of discovery, arts, and learning, supported by sumptuous food options and fascinating night life. It is also home to Australia’s parliament house and many museums, which makes it a nice stop for any history or government buffs out there. Now did you know that Canberra became Australia’s capital since Sydney and Melbourne won’t stop arguing over who the capital should be?

Princes Highway. If you got extra time on your hands with your rented campervan, then exploring Australia’s coastal beauty is a great option via the Princes Highway. You’ll find a lot of stunning beaches to visit along Australia’s south-east coast, plus it’s home to a plethora of native wildlife. It’ll only take you a few hours longer than Hume Highway anyway. Regardless, you should factor in a bit of time to really experience the stops you’ll encounter along the way.

Kiama. The stunning coastal town of Kiama is 160 kilometres closer to Sydney. The place is famous because of the blowhole, a natural phenomenon where seawater spouts high into the air from a narrow rock opening. Fun swimming beaches, gorgeous surfing, farmers, markets, and the Kiama Coastal walk, the town is a great location to stop at during your trip.

You can park your campervan at many parks that dot the highway for the night and then continue on your journey’s goal. Traverse the Grand Pacific Drive north, and pass over the mesmerizing Sea Cliff Bridge before finally reaching the finish line at your final destination – Sydney

Going for a campervantrip is a great way to explore Melbournewhether you’re well-off or a shoestring budget! It great fun driving along the Pacific Highway and you will have endless cool stuff to do on this beautiful coastal region of NSW.

Most campervans for rent come with facilities to cook full meals inside, including gas stoves, pots, pans, fridges, and even microwaves! You can pick a campervan for your Melbourne vacation here. Have fun on your Melbourne-Sydney journey!


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