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No Price Tag Attached! Top 5 Free Attractions in USA

No Price Tag Attached! Top 5 Free Attractions in USA

As we often say here at The Beauty of Travel you don`t need deep pockets to see the world including some of Americas greatest sights. There are tons of interesting places, famous landmarks, museums and art galleries that don`t cost a thing. We have searched and found the best top 5 free attractions in USA.

San Francisco Cable Car Museum

Even though San Francisco is known for many things and interesting landmarks, we can freely say that none of them is iconic as the cable car system. It was a brilliant idea to boost the city`s tourism, get people around and in the same time provide a fun and interesting way for tourist and locals to see many famous sights. Unfortunately, many of the San Francisco’s cable cars are out of use, but there is always the Cable Car Museum, where you can learn about their history and how they operate.

Smithsonian Museums in Washington DC

A wealth of knowledge, fun and facts awaits you at the Smithsonian museums. The African Art Museum, the Natural History Museum and Portrait Gallery are fan favorite and always crowded. However if excitement is what you`re after, than the National Air and Space Museum is a must. There you can admire mankind’s achievements and learn about various spacecraft artifacts and aircrafts.

Quick Tip: Since all museums are very busy and crowded we recommend visiting during work days and avoiding holidays if possible.

Staten Island Ferry in New York

The Staten Island Ferry is one of the most original and interesting ways to learn about and gain new perspective about the Big Apple. The journey between Manhattan and Staten Island will give you a unique opportunity to admire New York`s cityscape and say hello to the always popular Statue of Liberty. Since the ferry runs 24/7 you can always go for a night cruise and enjoy New York`s splendor.

Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago

Spreading on a area larger than 35 acres the Lincoln Park Zoo is where you can see some of the most interesting and rare animals like the polar bear and creatures such as sea lions, bears and little penguins. Besides the animals, Lincoln Park is where you can see the ancient burr oak tree – dating all the way back to 1830 when Chicago was not even founded. Lincoln Park Zoo is definitely a great place to spend some quality time with your family and learn about the creatures of this earth in a fun and friendly environment.

Freedom Trail in Boston

Since the 1950s Boston`s Freedom Trail is a great way to learn how Boston played a vital role, writing some of the greatest chapters in America`s history. Each day thousands of people walk along the 2.5 miles long Freedom Trail, admiring Boston`s greatest landmarks like the Benjamin Franklin Statue and USS Constitution. Thanks to William Schofield the Freedom Trail is a brilliant and fun way to see many historical icons of this great American city.


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