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Here Is How to Take the Most Spectacular Vacation Selfie Ever!

Here Is How to Take the Most Spectacular Vacation Selfie Ever!

Feeling inspiring by the crazy article we did about the “Most Extreme Selfies Ever Taken”, we have decided to show you guys how to take your own perfect selfie, because there is nothing more embarrassing than a bad one. 🙂

Taking photos are a major part of traveling. We rely on them later to relive our days of fun and freedom. So without further ado here is how to take the most spectacular selfie ever:

The Magic of the Right Angle

Getting the right angle is a must! For that purpose always hold your camera just above your chin. Your shot will always look better when the camera is positioned just a little bit higher than your eye line. Another great trick is to keep your hands as far away as possible so your face doesn’t look weird.

P.S. You can always zoom in or crop when editing.

Location, Location, Location

If you are in urban areas always follow the lines of long avenues, streets, squares… and always hold the camera in a vertical position so the picture will look more dynamic. If your camera allows it use the “burst” mode which is great when there is a lot of traffic in the background.

Choose the Right Lightning Carefully

Here are some simple guidelines:
If you want things in the background to look bright than shoo in the same direction as the light. (Even though the light will hit you right in the face).
On the other hand if you want to look prettier and backlit, than turn so the sum comes behind your face.

Sometimes the most perfect shoots come when you are under some kind of open shade (cabana or overhang) which means you are in sweet soft light and the background is lit.

Timing is Everything and Composition is the Key

Late afternoon or early in the morning is the best time to take a great selfie. Why? Because the light is low, so the environment around you is more saturated but the light on your face is much softer.

Taking a straight picture is always great; the lines are straight which result with more dramatic background. If you don`t get it right don`t worry because you can always use some apps to straighten it back.

The Perfect Group Selfie Requires Cooperation From all Your Friends

In order not to distort the image your group must be in the same line with faces closer together. If someone is forward or further back than there is a possibility some of you will look bigger and rounder. Another great tip for a best selfie as possible is to have the person on the end holding the camera opposed to the one in middle.

P.S. If you use apps for editing the key is getting the right contrast and saturation. Play around with these two settings until you manage to enhance your photo. At the end if you feel confident with your Photoshop skills try the option stretch or liquefy. It will stretch the image making you appear in a good shape :).

Now you know how to take that spectacular vacation selfie, you have always wanted!


Great tip. I will try it and post this for you one Facebook. A lot of my facebook friends need a good tip on the ‘selfie’ thing.

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