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Our Travel Resolution for 2014

Our Travel Resolution for 2014

We all have dream and expectations. I`m pretty sure many of them include places we want to see and things we want to do.

Let 2014 be the year when we make some of them come true…

We pledge to spread our wings, expand our horizons, visit new countries, meet new people, new cultures, and boldly go somewhere we haven`t gone before.

We pledge not to be overcome by technology and media. We must use every chance we have to get out there, meet our fellow travelers and gain new experiences.

We pledge to welcome traveling deep into our lives by making us better on a spiritual and physical level.

We pledge to overcome our fears, challenge ourselves and seek new adventures by doing something new on each and every trip.

We pledge not to bring back just souvenirs but great memories.

We pledge to become a better human beings by offering our help selflessly to the people in need and help our planet as much and often as we can.

What is your Travel Resolution for 2014?


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