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Your Travel Guide To Paris, The City Of Light, Love And Romance

Your Travel Guide To Paris, The City Of Light, Love And Romance
Paris, France

When to Visit

The best time for a trip to the French capital is probably from June to August when there is plenty of sunshine, the days are long and the weather is perfect. Unfortunately it`s also the most crowded and the most expensive time. So, the second best time is fall or spring when there is a significant drop of tourism, meaning drop of prices.

Where to Stay

Sure I can recommend different hotels or hostels but you know what they say “when in Paris do as the Parisian do”.  So for a more authentic and natural experience I would highly recommend Apartments in Paris or Short Stay Paris Apartments because they are all over the city so you can stay close to your favorite spots, they are comfortable, well-maintained and always move-in ready.

Top Things to Do

  • Get a city pass or Paris Pass and discover the true joy of sightseeing with free entry to the best attractions in the city.
  • Book a skip-the-line ticket and enjoy a fully escorted tour to the Eiffel Tower with and English speaking guide.
  • Visit the Musée Rodin – a former workshop of the famous engraver, sculptor, painter and sketcher Auguste Rodin who donated his entire collection to his country.
  • Chocolate and Paris go well together- so there is a great opportunity to combine the two of them on a Paris Chocolate and Pastry Food Tour.
  • Since 1977 the Pompidu Centre has amazed million of visitors with its outstanding collection of modern art and radical architectural appeal.
  • Relax in the inner-city oasis with lush green lawns and chestnut groves, the Jardin du Luxembourg.
  • Take a walk along the 4.5km long Canal St-Martin, enjoy its shaded towpaths and see how the ordinary Parisian neighborhoods look like.
  • Visit the Musée Picasso, housed in the beautiful mid-17th-century Hôtel Salé, and be prepared to be amazed at seeing more than 5000 works by the grand master himself, Pablo Picasso.
  • You will definitely appreciate the magic of arguably the best open-air market in Paris, Marché Bastille.

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