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World’s 30 Best Places For Solo Travelers

World’s 30 Best Places For Solo Travelers
Tuscan countryside

Traveling solo may be as interesting and exciting as travelling with company. It offers a lot of advantages such as spending more time on yourself, following only your interests, broadening your knowledge about the world and enriching your experience!

Here are the best places for solo travelers:

1. Although solo on your vacation in New Zealand, the numerous things to do will never let you feel lonely. From hiking and bike riding tours to boat cruises and bungee jumping you won’t have time to think that you are alone on your vacation.

New Zealand

2. Norway is a country with high safety rating (highly rated by OECD Better Life Index) so feel free to choose it as a destination for your next solo vacation and indulge into sightseeing its magnificent scenery, including the fjords.



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