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We Are Sharing the Secrets of How To Stretch Your Travel Money!

We Are Sharing the Secrets of How To Stretch Your Travel Money!
How to stretch you travel money

When recession hits we often struggle to make the right choice, between saving money and going on that long awaited and well deserved vacation. Now, it`s good to know that if you follow these carefully chosen travel advices you can have the best of both worlds. Here is how to stretch your travel money!

Find alternative places to stay
Forget about the hotel. Private apartments, houses or condos sometimes can be more affordable. They all come with a kitchen which means saving money on meals. A family of four can sometimes save around $70 per day just for dinning in. It`s not so bad when you multiply by 10 (days).

Stay flexible about booking a trip, it could be a money saver. If you plan flying in or out in the weekends, first check the rates for the middle of the week. They ought to be cheaper. Maybe you should first get deals from your local airport and then decide where to go. You`ll be surprised because many people often find interesting and less expensive places.

Value-added deals
There are many hotels who struggle to fill their rooms. For that purpose they will often throw in something extra just to lure you in. If that “extra” is something you where willing to pay for, that’s money in your pocket.

Timing is everything
In the past booking in advance was a standard practice. It saved people a lot of money on hotel deals, flight and especially cruises. But today with the economy gone bad many worry about losing their jobs. That means it`s getting more and more difficult to plan that far ahead. The best thing to do is to wait until last minute – is likely to get you a better deal.

Don`t take the first deal that comes along. Negotiate
If occupancy is down hotels can often be flexible. If you have the right information like cheaper rates in other hotels nearby it can help lowering the prices. Talking directly with the manager can help. If all fails try for extras like free parking or complimentary meals for kids, which can still save a bundle.

Stay close to home
Driving is always cheaper than flying.  I`m sure you can find good and affordable vacation spot nearby  you didn’t even know it existed.

How to stretch you travel money


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