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A Travel Company Is Willing To Pay You For A Six Month Trip Across Europe

A Travel Company Is Willing To Pay You For A Six Month Trip Across Europe

The only thing better than going on a vacation, is being paid to go. That’s exactly what this company is doing.

Busabout is hiring two lucky people to gaze around Europe, making stops at famous landmarks, bars, restaurants, parties and what not. Are you one of those two travel addict that this company is looking for? There are two open positions: brand ambassador and video producer.

Be ready to take: “idyllic strolls along the Seine, visiting ancient castles in the Czech Republic and climbing to the top of Europe in the Swiss Alps” and they’ll sail “the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic coast, island-hopping [their] way to the most stunning Greek sunset, partying it up in Ibiza & having a stein (or three) at Oktoberfest!”

Oktoberfest - Munich, Germany

Although we don`t know how much is the pay, I don`t think it matters anyway because everything from food, accommodation, admissions and other stuff are covered.

The lucky two will also have to put a vlog together and share some posts on social media about their travel experience.  They will also get to go to Barcelona, Split, Amsterdam, Bruges, Krakow, Budapest, Nice, Prague, Rome, Paris and other places.

St. Vitus Cathedral, the largest temple in Prague, Czech Republic

You can apply here and as it seems the biggest thing required from you is to do a YouTube video showcasing your skills. You better hurry up if you want to score this six-month gig.


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