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Top 50 Cities To Visit Before You Die

Top 50 Cities To Visit Before You Die
Venice, Italy

31. Vienna, Austria

The most musical city in the world is packed with imperial history, interesting contemporary museums, palaces and elegant gardens. Vienna bares the trademark of cultural epicenter and one of the most livable cities in the world.

Vienna, Austria

32. Oia, Greece

You have all seen a picture of Santorini, the beautiful Greek islands known for its blue homes cascading down the sea. You where actually looking at Oia – the most famous town on the whole Island.

Oia, Greece

33. Siem Reap, Cambodia

Not to take anything away from Angkor Wat the most famous ancient city of Cambodia, but Siem Reap caries a beauty of its own. Many love it for its laid back unconventional backpacker vibe and delicious food.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

34. Lyon, France

With a history dating back to Roman times this World Heritage City shows its full splendor during the Fete des Lumieres when all the streets, gardens and cathedrals are illuminated in thousands of lights.

Lyon, France

35. Zanzibar, Tanzania

The mix of African, Portuguese and Arab influence bring a unique flavor to one of Africa`s top destinations. Zanzibar`s historic district (Stone Town), as well as the white sandy beaches make it appealing to all travelers worldwide.

Zanzibar, Tanzania


27. Lisbon, Portugal
Please note that this photo is from Porto, Portugal, not of Lisbon.

I think thousand cities to visit before i die 😀

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