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Top 50 Cities To Visit Before You Die

Top 50 Cities To Visit Before You Die
Venice, Italy

21. Kathmandu, Nepal

Often referred as the gateway to the Himalayas, Kathmandu is one of the most colorful cities in the world known for its recognizable prayer flags and saffron-robed monks.

Kathmandu, Nepal

22. Bagan, Myanmar

An endless plain filled with ancient gilded pagodas uncovering themselves with the first sign of sunlight…

Bagan, Myanmar

23. Tokyo, Japan

A city that constantly renews itself with perfect blend between traditional past and vision for state-of-the-art future. Even though Tokyo is the core of the most inhabited urban area in the world, you can still find peace and solitude in one of its many shrines and gardens.

Tokyo, Japan

24. Hoi An, Vietnam

It`s safe to say that Hoi An is a special historical place because of its unique mixture of European, Vietnamese and Japanese culture. You might remember this UNESCO World Heritage Site from our list of Magical Fairytale Destinations.

Hoi An, Vietnam

25. Istanbul, Turkey

The everlasting city where cultures collide, where Europe meats Asia, where history lives… There is no other magical place on Earth with more beautiful attraction than it has minarets.

Blue Mosque Courtyard - Istanbul, Turkey


27. Lisbon, Portugal
Please note that this photo is from Porto, Portugal, not of Lisbon.

I think thousand cities to visit before i die 😀

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