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Top 50 Cities To Visit Before You Die

Top 50 Cities To Visit Before You Die
Venice, Italy

46. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is possibly the most popular city today, betting London as last year most visited city. Known for its exotic beaches, private bays, spiritual temples, crowded markets and rowdy nightlife, this city has something for everyone.

Bangkok, Thailand

47. Budapest, Hungary

A city equal by beauty to Prague and a silent contender for the throne of Europe`s most beautiful city. Settled on the Danube River with the stuning Buda Hill rising from the west, the amazing Art Nouveau architecture and a true sense of romance, Budapest should be a no brainier for all travelers.

Budapest, Hungary

48. Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

Antigua is often described as a place of rare beauty with great historical importance. Settled between three watchful volcanoes, visitors can admire the city`s impressive colonial relics, pastel facades, monasteries and plazas. Antigua is slowly turning into a global hot spot.

Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

49. Mont Saint Michel, France

There are few sights on this planet quite as romantic and awe-inspiring as watching the Abbey of Mont Saint Michel rising above the bay on the coast of Normandy. Over 3 million visitors per year can`t be wrong, this is a must see World Heritage Site.

Mont Saint Michel, France

50. Buenos Aires, Argentina

This city will easily get under your skin with its alive and confident personality. The Paris of South America, the birthplace of tango will definitely keep you under its spell with bustling energy and thumping nightlife.

Buenos Aires, Argentina


27. Lisbon, Portugal
Please note that this photo is from Porto, Portugal, not of Lisbon.

I think thousand cities to visit before i die 😀

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