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Top 50 Cities To Visit Before You Die

Top 50 Cities To Visit Before You Die
Venice, Italy

One life and one chance to see the world! This should be a reason enough to get your lazy butt off the couch and visit some of the greatest and most beautiful destinations on this planet. From ancient cities to modern wonders here is the ultimate top 50 cities to visit before you die!

1. Venice, Italy

Can you believe that Venice is the same as it was 600 years ago? With 118 different islands the city of romance awaits you with its beautiful canals, old basilicas and a glass of tasty Italian wine.

Venice, Italy

2. Seville, Spain

The crown of Imperial Spain, the land of Moorish castles and medieval sites, the home of Spain’s most famous tapas bars… I think we`ve said enough, you are already hooked 🙂

Plaza de Espana - Sevile, Spain

3. London, England

Thanks to its vibrant art and music scene, many world class museums, dazzling architecture and historic splendor, the capital of UK is one of the most visited cities in the world.

London, England

4. Lhasa, China

The “Place of the Gods” is one of the largest spiritual centers of Tibetan Buddhism in the world. Thanks to its position high in the Himalayas and its natural surroundings the city of wonders offers some of the best views on this planet.

Lhasa, China

5. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is definitely one of the most adventures cities out there. With the world famous Carnival, white sandy beaches, beautiful skyline, gorgeous mountains and deep blue sea, this city is a worthy candidate for the most spectacular metropolis in the world.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


27. Lisbon, Portugal
Please note that this photo is from Porto, Portugal, not of Lisbon.

I think thousand cities to visit before i die 😀

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