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Top 5 Countries That Americans Can Call My Second Home

Top 5 Countries That Americans Can Call My Second Home
Coast of Barcelona Spain

America is surly one of the best countries to live, but many Americans prefer to live elsewhere, especially when it`s time to retire. It`s the perfect chance for luxury life on a budget. But, unfortunately, not all countries offer the same opportunity, so there are many factors to be considered before choosing a new permanent home. The first thing is obviously the exchange rate and then you have to think about the different culture, the language barriers, crime rate and stability. It takes a lot of planning based on the right informations.

All things considered here is a list of Top 5 Countries that Americans can call My Second Home…


It`s the obvious choice if you want to move to Europe. It`s inexpensive, it has great culture, great people, beautiful art & architecture (something to keep you active), but you can also get three-course meal under $20. Spain was also pronounced as a top place for retirees by International Living.


Maybe not the first country that comes to mind, but definitely one worth considering. An average couple can live a life of luxury with a $1500 budget per month. The real estate is very affordable and many places look very exotic. Also, there are a lot of benefits such as discount utilities, free transport as well as cheap tickets to various cultural events.


The big cities in this country possess all the commodity that Americans need. They have great roads, great cell reception, great infrastructure, great internet access and it`s very easy to integrate. Furthermore, the government runs great programs that are quite popular and specially designed to attract foreigners to retire in Malaysia.


All you have to do is load up your minivan and drive south to the border. Mexico is another place great to retire and live the good life. It has cheap real estate, a lot of sunny days with great weather, and big expatriate community. The biggest is near Lake Chapala, with more than 80 interest groups.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful country and one of the least polluted on earth. It can do wonders for your health and soul. The home of “Middle Earth” has temperate climate with many hours of sunshine, low crime rate and a great healthcare system.  If you divide your time between US and New Zealand you`ll get 365 days of summer 🙂

Coast of Barcelona Spain


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