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This Porable Eco-Friendly Capsule Will Let You Live Off the Grid Anywhere In The World

This Porable Eco-Friendly Capsule Will Let You Live Off the Grid Anywhere In The World
Eco-Friendly Capsule

Are you an adventurous nomad? Isn’t it exciting to take your house with you on your holiday trip?

The Eco-Friendly home is a smooth and glossy egg-shaped capsule where you can totally accommodate during your travels! It offers all the conventional housing solutions and luxuries you need.


The Eco-capsule was invented by a Slovakian group of architects who have already received lots of pre-orders even though the price isn’t mentioned.
Although it is only 2.55 m x 4.45m x 2.25m, this Eco- friendly capsule provides enough space for two adults. It has everything you need: a mini-kitchen with a table and bed, a toilet with a shower, and even a storage room. It powers itself through 2.6m2 solar panels, 750W retractable wind turbine and 9,744Watt battery hours with enough power for cloudy or rainy days.

Eco-Friendly Capsule

The curved shape is specially designed to maximize its energy efficiency. The capsule contains a tank below its floor to collect water from the dew or rain which is filtered from bacteria before getting into the tank. The temperature inside is pleasant thanks to the well- insulated walls.

Porable Eco-Friendly Capsule

The Ecocapsule can be easily transported to any place you want in the world. It can be airlifted, shipped, pulled by animals or towed.
You can even charge your electric car while towing it.


infos on availability in Canada


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