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The Best Countries In The World To Live In (Part 1)

The Best Countries In The World To Live In (Part 1)

New Zealand

New Zealand was declared nr.1 country in the world for peace offering. It has a constant growth in the fields of economic, employment, general prosperity, low corruption and high quality of life. A country that has everything, from peace and tranquility to beautiful and exotic flora and fauna.

New Zealand is a place field with kind people, unique culture and history. You can`t expect less from the host of The Lord of the Rings.

Queenstown, New Zealand

Stop by next week and find out who are the top 5 countries on our list…


I love the list! I think New Zealand is one of the top places to be at right now especially with everything they have going on. Belgium, always has intrigued me but I’d love to visit some time.

Thanks for the wonderful post as always!

Yes Canada IS awesome, especially the west coast (Vancouver), Toronto on the east coast is a huge metro too (and its so clean). However the downside of moving to Canada is that not only Canada, but the US will tax you to death, savings and earnings are taxed unremorsefully. The only way for a us citizen to live in Canada is to renounce your US Citizenship and stop the US from taxing every cent you have and get Canadas’ Health Plan.

Great photo of Luxemburg. Just added that to my Bucket List. Thank you for the huge effort you have put into this website. Loads of inspirational ideas. Much appreciated.

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