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The Best Countries In The World To Live In (Part 2)

The Best Countries In The World To Live In (Part 2)


Switzerland is well known as a peaceful and prosperous country that provides high quality of life, trust, health and safety to its people. It has a stable modern market economy with very low unemployment rate and very skilled work force. Swiss people showcase recognizable cultures; they are 8-5 hardworking, wine drinking and sun warm cappuccino-sippers.

If you are planning a trip there or maybe a long term stay, don’t forget your hiking boots and a good pair of sunglasses.

Lucerne, Switzerland


German is a wonderful country with so much to offer. It is a drivers dream for travelling between beautiful locations. Just love the south with mountains, lakes and Bavaria! Not to mention beer!

Marcelo Schlindwein

“If you love fast cars and racing thEn Germany is definitely one for you”

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