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The Art Of Last Minute Travel

The Art Of Last Minute Travel
Budget Travel - The Art of Last Minute Travel

The key to last minute travel is being spontaneous and flexible. Actually, it might do you some good to visit a new place on short notice and bring a little bit of adventure in your life. All you have to do is continue reading and we`ll show you how to make you travel plans come true, using last minute travel on a friendly budget.

Don`t be picky when choosing your next travel destination

As we said earlier the key is being spontaneous and having a will to embrace a good opportunity when it comes along.  You have to keep your mind open because there must be a handful of destinations you want to go and probably a dozen more places you didn’t even know they exist. When looking for a cheap (last minute) airfare consider destinations that offer a great deals, find fun things to do or just a place to kick up your shoes and relax your feet. The place you are looking for can be an hour drive from your home.

Stay open to new experiences, do not go overboard with planning, look for small and quit places and do not limit yourself to grand destinations. You can easily go somewhere you can drive to or  take a cheap train/bus. There are many inexpensive bus lines between cities  in USA (like Boston to NY) and affordable regional trains that often offer a free parking at the station.

The Art of Last Minute Travel

It`s not about Finding Time but Making It

Making time can be the hardest part of packing up and going on last minute notice. Along with the cost these are the two things that are probably holding you down, but luckily there is something that can be done.

Sometimes is truly impossible to get away from work and family for a longer period of time so consider weekend trips. Don`t over think by trying to justify driving for several hours or flying somewhere far when you have to return soon.  Just pack your bags and hit the road because often a short change of pace and environment is all you need. A weekend away can do you wonders! If you can stay longer, that always a plus. Since the main problem is leaving work on short notice there are a couple of things that you can do.

  • Use any sick days you have left. Even though it`s not completely ethical you can always fake an illness –  emotional sickness can cause a lot of problem and spending some time away can do you good;
  • Just ask your boss. I`m sure many of them can understand that a day or two away is not a big deal, considering you`ll get back refreshed and energized for work.
  • There is no reason that you can`t ask for a job that you can do remotely. Negotiate a situation where you can score a job flexible enough to let you work from a distance.

The most important thing is to stop making excuses and don`t put off your travel plans.

With that sort out, our focus moves on planning and putting it all together. This means choosing our next destination, finding a place to stay, getting there and having a great time.


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