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One Perfect Destination For Every Month Of The Year

One Perfect Destination For Every Month Of The Year

Traveling during the peak season may cost you a small fortune so before deciding to go somewhere make a good plan to save up some money, avoid crowds and still have a great time. The following list takes into consideration the lowest hotel and airfare prices, the weather conditions and things to do at a certain place in a certain month of the year.

JANUARY: Cancun, Mexico

Median Airfare: $456
Median Hotel Rate: $213

If you are seeking refuge from the cold winter, Cancun is a perfect destination especially after New Year’s Eve when the airline tickets are quite affordable. This time of the year you will also get away from the crowds of the spring tourists and have a quiet holiday while enjoying in the white sand beaches, the emerald blue waters and the perfect Mexican hospitality.

Cancun, Mexico


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