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You Should NEVER EVER Post A Pic Of Your Boarding Pass Online And Here is Why!

You Should NEVER EVER Post A Pic Of Your Boarding Pass Online And Here is Why!

Steve Hui is an air travel safety specialist who every day sees hundreds of photographs of boarding passes posted publicly on social media. People get so excited before their next trips that often forget that these harmless images can totally ruin their travel plans.

The information you are about to read may save your vacation.

1. First of all, Your Boarding Pass Contains Far More Info Than You Thin

Obviously the flight pass contains your name and destination, but it also contains information on how to cancel or modify your booking.
Steve Hui decided to investigate such a case. Details have been blurred to protect the passenger.

2. Let`s See How Easy It Is For Someone To Gain Access to Your Personal Info

The image above was published by a Virgin Australia passenger who was using Delta Airlines

As you can see Delta Airlines have a ton of information on a boarding pass, including a booking reference, E-Ticket number, frequent flyer number and even how many bags you are carrying.

Steve Hui decided to see what he can do with all that info. He logged in on the Delta website and used the information from the pass (name and E-Ticket number) to access “Manage My Booking”. In a matter of few clicks he got access to all passenger details, like ticket number, frequent flyer details and seat number.

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