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The Must Visit Location From Star Wars: The Force Awakens And The Last Jedi

The Must Visit Location From Star Wars: The Force Awakens And The Last Jedi

With the appearance of the star of the “Star Wars”, Ireland’s Skellig Michael Island became a magnificent estate.

The ending of ” Star Wars: The Force AwakensStar” as a great megahit, takes place on a mountain island, which feels like an eternity, with the great characters whereas Rey (Daisy Ridley) is shown with light saber towards Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill).

However, the fans are left with too many questions, regarding the characters and the scenes. The most common questions are about:

  • The appearance of Luke like he has been sleeping in a park under some bench for over 30 years;
  • The tiredness of Rey, holding that sober;
  • Why the Millennium Falcon isn’t set on the top of the Chewie;
  • Where on Earth this marvelous setting takes place

The answer is, not less but exactly Skellig Michae, a cultural Heritage of UNESCO, just 12 km away from southwest coast of Ireland. There aren’t any people living on the steep tops, but they were part of the Christian monastery in the sixth century.

The tourists walk up 600 steps and the view is astonishing. Many people are looking forward the location not to be forbidden. A great number of visitors are expected in 2016 in South West and Ireland, just because of the movie. You can get information about the Skellig in Valentia.

The tourists have the opportunity to sail around and they are offered a short movie of 14 minutes about the island. For those who want to land on the island, the boats depart from Portmagee, County Kerry. Don’t miss the chance and book in advance!

There is much more to see! County Kerry is one of the most tourist regions because of its amazing scenes and exceptional ambience. The Ring of Kerry is famous for its distinguished sights, beautiful beaches and archaic remains.

Don’t miss the Dingle Peninsula, where you can enjoy your drink in the lovely Dick Mack’s pub.


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