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Most Common Travel Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Most Common Travel Mistakes And How To Avoid Them
Most Common Travel Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Make sure your passport hasn’t expired
As soon as you starting to think about your next trip, you should immediately check your passport validity or apply for a new one if needed. It can take about four to six weeks or up to six months in certain countries for processing! There is always an option to cut the processing time for some extra cash, but why waste a couple of refreshing cocktails.
P.S. You should also flip through your passport and make sure it isn’t worn out and there is a empty page for your next stamp.

Keep your eyes on the bigger picture and evaluate your costs individually
Don`t get hung up on flights and hotels. Flying to some countries (like Asia for example) can be expensive, but when you get there luxury hotels, fine restaurants and shops can be really affordable. On the other hand Europe is the other way around. Things often tend to even out so keep your eyes on the prize.

Don`t wait to book flights and when you do make sure to have enough connection time between them
US airlines will let you cancel your reservation within 24 hours or place it on hold. Check the approach and take advantage to book a cheap fare. Don`t let a long planning to ruin some good deals. Often “mistake fairs” last for a very short time. When booking make sure you leave at least an hour and a half between connecting flights. Not only will you catch your next flight but you reduce the chances of getting your luggage lost.

Not getting travel insurance
The best policy is always to get one and hope you won`t needed it. Travel insurance usually covers emergency evacuations, medical emergencies as well as lost or delay baggage. Make sure your insurance agent clear things up.

Forgetting to turn off your cellular data and making phone calls with your cell phone
Before you realize your phone has already downloaded a couple of e-mails and loaded your Facebook page while your where waiting for your connection flight. Or your phone company will welcome you back with some unexpected bills.
International roaming can be really expensive so the best thing is to purchase a SIM card from the country you are visiting or use Travel Apps like Viber, Google Voice or Skype when Wi-Fi is available.

Going overboard with packing
There is no need to drag your entire wardrobe. If we look at the recent survey done by Travelogue we can see that the average person carries at least six unneeded outfits on their trip. You should mix and match your clothes and make sure you ware everything at least twice. You don`t need the extra weight when you drag your luggage across airports or going into your hotel. Plus it`s always a good idea to leave some empty space in your bag for some souvenirs and thing you`ll pick up along the way.

Assuming everyone speaks English
You should always mind your manners when traveling to another country and learn to say “please”, “thank you” or “can you help me” in the local language.  It`s also a good idea to check if the country you are visiting has some unusual customs so you want get into trouble. Remember a smile can go a long way!

Most Common Travel Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Amazing Information! It is good to learn about these mistakes since I made one while I was traveling 🙂

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