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In Case You’ve Wondered How A Cup Of Tea Looks Like In 20 Different Countries

In Case You’ve Wondered How A Cup Of Tea Looks Like In 20 Different Countries
Honk Kong Ice Milked Tea

They say that a cup of tea is much more than an ordinary drink, it`s the history of the world itself!

Hong Kong

Ice milk tea commonly known as pantyhouse tea or silk stocking tea is the most famous tea in all of Hong Kong. If you are wondering about the funny names you should be aware that the tea resembles in color exactly as nude stockings and that`s no joke. To prepare it you`ll need to combine strong black tea with condensed milk and serve it over ice.

Honk Kong Ice Milked Tea


India has rich and very diverse tea history dating thousands of years before the British colonial era when the tea industry literally exploded. The white leaf Darjeeling tea comes from the Darjeeling district in West Bengal. Around the world this kind of tea is commonly known as “black tea” but the truth is it is more oolong than black due to the incomplete oxidation.

Masala Chai Tea, India

Great Britain

The Brits have a worldly know tradition of serving black tea dating back to 18th century. The tea is usually served how it is or with milk and sugar. When adding the milk the tea must be brewed first until it reaches a golden color.

Traditional English Tea With Milk


Even though Turkish coffee is the country’s most famous drink, Cay tea is definitely the most popular. The black tea is usually served with meals and often in between. Turks like to brew their tea in a specially made two-chamber pot and serve it with or without sugar, but definitely no milk.

Cay Tea, Turkey


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