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How Can Budget Travel Turn Your Dream Vacation Into Reality

How Can Budget Travel Turn Your Dream Vacation Into Reality
Vernazza -Cinque Terre, Italy

Free things for Budget Travel – Great value at NO COST!

In life the best things are always free and in travel they require no fee. Here is a list of tips of how to get excellent travel value at no cost.

How to obtain free airline upgrade
Getting one is not easy but it would be rather nice to fly business or first class without paying extra. Here is what you can do to land free airline upgrade.

  • If your plane is overbooked agree to give away your seat for some compensation. Most companies usually offer a voucher for free future travel, but you can agree to be bumped for a better seat. I`m sure that the airline personnel will appreciate your offer and they may be willing to go along because one first class seat might be cheaper than a free trip.
  • Try to avoid airline hubs. Why? Because they are loaded with passengers with loyalty connection and all sorts of memberships, which means that airlines are more willing to award upgrades to their best customers.
  • Consider giving up frequent flier miles for a better seat. Some airlines are willing to upgrade.
  • Check in early when the personnel are less pressured and they feel the need to fill every seat at all cost.
  • Stay cool and persistent but don`t use treats and shouting.
  • The best chances of a getting a free upgrade is when you travel solo or if you are willing to separate from your companion.
  • You might consider mentioning a previous bad flight (hoping this one would be much better) or mentioning a special occasion (honeymoon trip, graduations or celebrating anniversary or birthday).
  • The key is to dress neatly (it won`t hurt to look like you belong to first class) and don`t beg for a free airline upgrade.

Make your stay more pleasant with a free hotel upgrade.

  • You`ll never get one without asking for it. So make multiple requests at the right time: when you make the reservation, when you confirm your stay before arrival and when you check in.
  • When you ask for a hotel upgrade you must understand that a longer stay will decrease your chances of getting one. Go for an upgrade on short stays.
  • You must be flexible to change dates and go for off-peak and weekday upgrades. Travelers with flexible schedules are more likely to get better flight deals, discounts and last second deals. Developing a good relationship with the management can increase your chances significantly. Logic dictates that upgrades are more likely to happen when there are lots of empty rooms and that’s why off-peak days are the best.
  • Another great keys of success are checking in late when the staff has a clearer picture of all rooms available, shoot for mid-range rooms (I know they are not popular amongst budget travelers) which will increase your chances and put a smile on your face with your best behavior when asking.

Top free scenic drives in the world for budget travelers.
Passing through unique and beautiful places can be one of the most memorable experiences in your life. Sometimes the journey is what all the traveling is about.

  • California Highway 1 between Pismo Beach and Carmel – no deadlines and no tool booths. You might not get where you want fast but definitely you`ll get there relaxed and recharged.
  • Loch Ness Drive, Scotland – what better way to spend the day than driving through the picturesque villages of the Scottish Highlands. Keep your camera ready in case you spot “Nessie” in the lake south of Inverness. 🙂
  • U.S. 101 on the Olympic Peninsula, Wash – a small section of this road passes through the nation park which will give you an excellent opportunity to visit sites like Hurricane Ridge and Quinault rain forest and witness one of the best sunsets over the Pacific.
  • Monteverde to Juntas, Costa Rica – even though this road can be a challenge, still the views of the Gulf of Nicoya, the Monteverde National Park Cloud Forest and the cloud-topped mountains are reward enough.
  • Sedona and Highway 89A – you`ll get the best scenic view of the desert that runs along the south rim of the Grand Canyon.
  • Foothills Parkway, Tenn –  this highway is relatively unknown to most travelers and it has sections that provide a breathtaking views of Great Smoky Mountains National Park along with scenic drives by endless souvenir shops and theme parks.
  •  Romantic Road between Munich and Würzburg, Germany – besides  racing across an autobahn try Bavaria’s Romantic Road with medieval towns with unique architecture on the way.

P.S. If traveling by car is your favorite way of getting around you might want to spend a couple of minute reading this article – > Beware! Weird Driving Laws Abroad

Top free things to do in the world for budget travelers.

  • Witness Europe`s most popular free tourist attraction – The Changing of the Queens Guard in London.
  • Take a tour of the Rijksmuseum Gardens in Amsterdam.
  • See Rome come alive at no cost by visiting the Roman Forum.
  • Make a budget day by visiting London’s Tate Modern and Borough Food Markets.
  • Explore Jackson Square in front of St. Louis Cathedral – the most photographed spot in New Orleans.
  • Walk through one of the world’s most famous train stations – the Grand Central Station Terminal in New York.
  • Visit the Westminster Abbey in London and hear the Abbey Choir perform (it`s free for those who want to worship there).
  • There is a free ferry available behind Central rail station in Amsterdam for a ride in Amsterdam harbor.
  • Witness the beauty of Aurora Borealis and the Polar Nights in Scandinavia.
  • Ride the Staten Island Ferry to Manhattan for free in New York.
  • When in US there are more than enough free National Parks for a great outdoor day.
  • A stop at Mirage Las Vegas will grant you some world class quality free things to do.

The Roman Forum - Rome, Italy

Most of us are regular 9 to 5 workers with a limited time and budget for a vacation. At the end of the day I hope this article will help many of you to find affordable ways to visit the places you want to see and experience the world without breaking the bank.

Have fun!


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