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Having Problems With Jet Lag? Try This!

Having Problems With Jet Lag? Try This!
jet lag tips and tricks

There is a new study in Singapore that reveals interesting ways of how to beat jet lag.  The people from interviewed 1000 passengers and came up with a list of interesting methods that may not be suitable for everyone.

The most surprising solution of all was the use of Viagra. Almost 11% of the interviewed people were willing to try it, (despite the fact that the scientific research was tested only on hamsters) and half of them claimed that it works.

Here is a list of tips and techniques that passengers use to avoid jet lag:

1. Stretching and exercising thru out the flight – 51% of the people who tried it claim it works

2. Taking sleeping pills – 48%

3. Changing your time upfront for the new time zone – 46%

4. Light and healthy diet – 46%

5. Taking Viagra – 45%

6. Exercising and getting some fresh air before the flight – 45%

7. No alcohol – 42%

8. Natural (herbal) medicine -42%

9. Consuming alcohol – 41%

10. Avoid sleeping during flight – 40%

11. Pills against jet lag – 39%

12. Use of Melatonin – 36%

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