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Foods That Every Brit Should Consider Taking On Their Vacations:

Foods That Every Brit Should Consider Taking On Their Vacations:


Everyone wants to save extra pennies while vacationing. Diet is one of the most significant expenses on holiday,and even if you pay a lot, you can never be sure that you willactuallylove it. The Brits being a nation of explorers have found the perfect way to make their trips economical,i.e., taking their own foods along. According to a survey conducted by a well-known travellingsite,Oliver’s travel has revealed that almost 52% ofBrits take food with them while going on holidays.

What have we found so far?

However, why Brits take food with them is much more than just saving money. Brits are eminent all over the world for their rich culture, customs, and traditions. Another thing that the Brits cannot live without is British cuisine. Many travelers admitted that they are a finicky eater and are afraid of trying something new to eat. Some confessed that they couldn’t live without taking their favorite snacks. No matter whatever excuse you make for taking British food with you,but the truth is a Brit simply can’t live without eating British produced foods. A student expressed during the survey that he eats a lot of chocolate, but couldn’t find the same brands in America that is why he packs his chocolate.Tea is something that most Brits can’t live without especially the elderly. As per the survey48%,Brits justcould not leave without packing their favorite tea because no tea can taste as good as the English tea. On the other hand, 23% take their coffee on holidays.

The British Family Meals:

Many women complained that no matter where they are, they have to arrange typical British foods for their family especially breakfast for kids. That’s why 9% pack their cereals as well. Well, you will be amazed to see what stuff Brits take with them on the holidays. Here is a brief list of food items for you: Baked Beans 7%, Ketchup 8%, British Cheese 8%, Marmite 8%, cereals 9%, biscuits 16%, custard creams 16%, coffee 23% and 37% pack tea as well. There is also a plus point of packing food items with you because sometimes in the middle of the night when you are carving for snacks, you cannot just go to a tuck shop down the alley. At this time, same old British crackers and digestives are the best option indeed.   

During the survey, we discovered that men are more inclined towards packing British foods than females. We are notpartial,but that is what the stats say, 53% male say they take foodstuff with them while 51% women said they do the same.

Moreover, Brits pack other everyday usage stuff as well. 22% of travelers aged between 25-34% say they never travel without packing their slippers. Out of every 10 even said they take their pillows as well that makes it 9%,and one in every 20 said they pack their toilet rolls most of these were the Londoners and last but not the least, 7% Brit holiday landers say they take a picture of their family with them now this is something that melted our hearts! 


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