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Find Your Ideal Vacation Spots That Matches Your Personality

Find Your Ideal Vacation Spots That Matches Your Personality
Madrid, Spain

Everyone has their own vision about the meaning of a perfect vacation. If you are the kind of person that wants to take things slow, chill out all day long on a beautiful beach, it is only logical to assume that you wouldn’t be too happy if you partner takes you hiking on some distant mountain range.
Have you ever come back from a vacation dead tired and disappointed? If the answer is yes, it usually means that you haven’t picked your ideal vacation spots that goes well with your personality.

According to Arthur Hoffman, one of the leading experts from Expedia, there are a couple of question that need to be answered before choosing a next destination. For example: Are you looking for a quit place to recharge you batteries or a place to party? Are you going alone, with family or friends? Do you want a place where you can go shopping, sightseeing, or maybe adventure is what you seek?
There are four main categories that will help to identify your vacation personality in order to choose an ideal vacation getaway.

Quiet Type

They usually prefer to go on a vacation with their partner or close friends. Also, they don`t mind visiting the museum on their own, or reading a book on a quit less crowded beach. In essence they like activities that can stimulate their intellect which helps feeling fresh and well rested.

Ideal getaway: Florence, Maldives, Kerala (India).

Kerala, India


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