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Eight Accessories For The Fashionable Traveler

Eight Accessories For The Fashionable Traveler

Traveling is essential to all seekers, and what goes with an exciting travel plan is just as enticing as a set of accessories. Travel must be comfortable, and fashion should speak.

Comfortable clothes plus good taste add up to the joy of being a happy and well-admired globetrotter. This list provides suggestions for creative and convenient accessories to travel in flair. Don’t just be another tourist with a grin and a landscape shot.

Leather Luggage Tag

You bring your wardrobe in your luggage, and it would be bummer to arrive in a country with a missing bag. Prevent that nightmare from happening by putting on some luggage tags. Ribbons aren’t just enough, you also need to leave your name and address in case someone gets a hold of your prized possession. Might as well use a leather luggage tag to keep your details intact when the worst-case scenario happens.


Crossbody Bag

A plethora of choices with your bag collection makes you wonder, “Which one should I bring?”. Should you go to the beach, to the mountains or downtown, choosing the right bag can make a difference in your travel experience. Features like anti-theft bags can help too. Keep in mind that style should notcompensate comfort and safety.

Passport cover

To protect your country stamps, you need a firm jacket for both ends of your passport. It will protect it from rain and other accidents but mostly, it will be dressed in style. Leather and designer covers are highly recommended.

Carbon fiber money clips

Need a slimmer, less clunky storage for credit cards and strips of money? No problem. Super light and efficient, real carbon fiber money clips are handcrafted with pure carbon and rugged materials that guarantee safe money carry for every trip. These clip materials are the best in the market. Modernity meets security is what you get.



There’s just something scarves do that accent anything you wear. The safest and warmest colors are earth tones. Scarves are soft and light for packing and rescues you on a cold day.

Bag organizer

Jamming all the smaller items like hand lotion, lipstick or toothbrush in one small pocket in a bigger bag won’t be enough. A trendy travel pack comes in several divisions to help you organize your items. Now you can store hand-sized electronics like your music player, power bank, or classy iPhone cases separately from your cosmetics and other essentials.

Travel notebook

Penning down memories (or petite shots) got more imaginative. A chic travel notebook is like a mini scrapbook but less cumbersome to bring around. Passport-sized, you can easily slip them in a pocket together with the passport. What a nice way to travel light and memorable.


Wireless headphones

What’s good music without a good receiver to play to the ears? There are sleek and more vintage wireless headphones in the market today that will up the look of the clothes you pick. You won’t ever have to be bothered by wires that might get in the way of your bag’s sling, or your dangling earrings.


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